The Interview, Joe Mezinger

The Interview, Joe Mezinger by Ciaran Brazington @Ciaran_Heel

Joe Mezinger has quickly established himself since getting his long overdue (According to him) opportunity with Wales infamous Dragon Pro Wrestling Promotion. On 26/11 he made his debut with Chaos Wrestling, this Sunday along with Elijah Dahl take on Wild Boar & Mike Bird in what promises to be a high octane bout. I caught up with the young up and comer to discuss his beginnings in the business and where he wants to go.

Why wrestling, what was the attraction to get involved?

Pretty much the same as everyone else really. Desperately in love with it when I was a kid, always wanted to be one of those guys, so one day I grabbed Elijah and we went to our first training session together.

I believe you trained at the infamous Welsh Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy, tell us about that experience? That’s correct. It started out really well and promising when I first got there, both I and Elijah were getting loads of praise and we were progressing really well. Not quite sure what happened but then the attention started to fall elsewhere, then one day it was gone. So we decided to find a different way in that way was Big Grizzly.

Dragon Pro has some fantastic trainers and talent, apart from yourself of course what other talent really stands out in your opinion? Regardless of my current status and relationship with the school, I’m not going to sit here knocking the quality of training we had and the school still has. Mike Bird and The Wild Boar are 2 of the UKs best, I may not like the guys but I’m man enough to admit that we were lucky to have them. Other talent? Elijah Dahl, obviously.

Tell us about your debut match, when was it and who against?

I mean, if you want to count myself at Elijah Dahl taking a hold of Dragon Pro as a debut then it was back April of this year. That’s when we decided to make it known that we were allied with Big Grizzly. But my actual debut match was near the end of May this year for Pro Wrestling Pride. I was in a 6 man tag alongside Eddie Ryan and Kay Jutler, our opponents were The House of Bones. Pretty funny that I didn’t have my first match at my own academy, right? We had to go after Danny Jones, their golden boy, before they even considered putting us in a match.

Have you taken inspiration from anyone when developing your character, is there a certain wrestler within the industry that you look up to? Looked up to Austin a lot when I was younger, especially in his WCW days when he worked alongside Pillman.

As a Dragon Pro graduate you regularly now wrestle on their main shows, what was the transition like?
No matter the circumstances we earned our spot, so it feels well deserved. The transition from nothing to main event went how we planned, so in my opinion it was smooth.

Tell us about Joe Mezinger and the Brotherhood, who and what are they about?b8op9fvy
So I’ve always been a bit of a go getter, I do what I can to progress in my career. So over a year ago I reached out to Pro Wrestling Chaos and offered myself to be a part of their ring crew, Elijah did the same naturally. We spent OVER A YEAR breaking our spines for that company and watching our peers get opportunities with them that we were never offered. The straw that broke the camel’s back was seeing Oliver Sudden get a foot in. OLIVER SUDDEN. His name alone is a joke. Over the course of that year we became close to Nathan Bane. We sat down, had a chat and realised that we were all in the same boat. We realised that we were a brotherhood of forgotten and hard working men that needed to take control of our own careers. And that’s exactly what happened in Hanham on November 26th.

On 26/11/16 you debut for Chaos Pro Wrestling, unfortunately you lost, but what was the experience like? All I’m saying on the matter is that Gideon was not the legal man.

Chaos seems like a company on the up and up, is it a promotion you would like to succeed in?
Of course it is, we’re going to keep doing what we do until we get what we want.

What are the goals for Joe Mezinger, what does he want to do in wrestling?
It’s not a matter of want, it’s a matter of fact. I’m not just going to make sure that people know my name, I’m going to make sure that people know the names of Elijah Dahl, Nathan Bane and the Brotherhood.

We’re a true force and we’re going to make sure that we make people aware of that one way or another.

Do you see this as a fulltime career?
This is my entire life. So yes.

So far what have been your highlights?
Well, the match up I had with Danny Jones back in August is definitely a favourite of mine. As much as he’s been a thorn in my side since day one, he definitely earned my respect that night.Don’t get me wrong though, I still hate the guy. My all-time favourite hasn’t even happened yet. That’s going to happen on December 4th when I and Elijah show Bird & Boar who really runs the show.

As mentioned above, on 4/12/16 you and Elijah Dahl take on Wild Boar & Mike Bird at Dragon Pro Wrestling. How are you feeling heading into that match, both Bird & Boar are a well-known strong style tag team? Confident. We’re there to make them realise that Dragon Pro is our house now. How do I feel about them being known as a strong style team? We’ll hit them just as hard as they’ll hit us. It’s not going to be pretty.

And one more thing, on 5/12/16 will Big Grizzly still be champion?
Without a doubt.

You can keep up with Joe @JoeMezinger on Twitter, for further information on Dragon Pro & Chaos Wrestling check out @UKDragonPro & @Chaos_Wrestling

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