Lucha Underground: 11/23/2016

Robbie Radford

Robbie Radford

Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.
Robbie Radford

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Trios Championship: Aerostar, Fenix & Drago defeated Rabbit Clan.

Dante Fox defeated Killshot

Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star (c)

The show began with another, although extended, vignette for the Rabbit tribe, lead by Paul London. After weeks of mysterious, cryptic promos, the bizarre trio finally arrived in the temple.

Trios Championships: Rabbit Clan (Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte) vs Aerostar, Drago and Fenix (c)
This Rabbit trio are a really whacky bunch of lads. Paul London, seemingly looking like a Woodstock & Clockwork Orange combination, delivered a huge superkick to Fenix before taking out Drago and Aerostar. The debuting clan were reasonably fun to watch, a humourous type of goofy, not the Dean Ambrose type of goofy. Suerte tagged in and looked pretty good against Fenix, he delivered an unbelievably quick Powerslam but the action was focused more so around the craziness and unpredictability of the bizarre trio. Paul London was really enjoying himself, the deranged veteran wasn’t short of bizarre moments in this bout, although Fenix, Drago & Aerostar did their best to bring the high clan back down to Earth on more than one occasion. After some back and forth action between Saltador and Fenix, the match came to a sudden conclusion when Fenix picked up the victory with a roll up pin, retaining the trios championships in the process.

Sexy Star was approached by The Mack backstage, who offered to be in her corner, just to up the numbers game a little bit. Sexy Star instantly refused, insisting that she should go out there alone, to prove that she is the deserving champion. It’s almost as if she doesn’t watch Worldwide Underground matches.

Dante Fox vs Killshot
The new emerging grudge match in the temple that runs deep, well before the duo entered the temple. Matt Striker attempted to explain the narrative but if you were to research it, got half of the story wrong. The match itself was really good but it was deeply tarnished by the horrendous commentary from Matt Striker who shouted “ISIS Beware” as the two fought it out. As you’d expect, Dante Fox was looking to make a mark on the temple and did so very well, unleashing an incredible spot on the apron, working very well with Killshot throughout the hard-hitting bout.

These two completely tore it up and it made for fantastic television, Dante Fox even kicked out of a top rope double foot stomp following another insane apron spot. Fox eventually won the match by following up a Spanish Fly variant with his patented Foxcatcher. Well worth the watch.

Mundo approached Dario Cueto in his office, informing Cueto that he took out a restraining order against Angelico, after he once again cost Mundo a title opportunity. Mundo and Dario bickered back and forth before Mundo promptly left, preparing for his championship match against Sexy Star.

Dario encountered Black Lotus backstage, who demanded she wanted Pentagon Dark, sharing the same intentions as the rest of her Black Lotus Triad. Black Lotus was eager to demonstrate how powerful they were. Cueto arranged a gauntlet match for Pentagon vs Black Lotus Triad next week.

Lucha Underground Championship: Sexy Star (c) vs Johnny Mundo
As you expect, Mundo dominated early proceedings with his far superior strength and aggression. The WorldWide Underground leader had a gameplan and stuck to it fairly well, he went from working on her limbs to just trying to decimate her with some stiff strikes. Utilising heelish tactics to remain ahead, Mundo controlled a lot of this match aside from a few fight backs from Sexy Star.

Johnny Mundo really did his best to carry Star throughout this, this could’ve been a real bad match but Mundo did his best to ensure that wasn’t happening. A “fan” attacked Star with a pair of brass knuckles, dropping Star straight away. Mundo then landed an “end of the World” for the Championship victory. Bizarre match, shrouded in controversy. After the match, the masked fan was unveiled as Taya.

Final Word
Not a bad show, not a great show. Killshot/Dante Fox was well worth the watch. You could miss everything else really. The whole Aztec Warfare match was seemingly for nothing, Matanza remains defeated and now, Sexy Star had the belt for just under a week.

ShowGrade: C+

Robbie Radford
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Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.

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