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The idea was bounced around about a week ago by one of our writers, Mr. AJ Howells, to start a weekly quick response opinion column about the hot topics in the world of professional wrestling. Much like ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” we will bring in different contributors from Kayfabe Today every week and fire these topics at them. It will be much like our “Roundtables” series, but much more quick thoughts and opinions. This week the topics are one everyone in the wrestling world is talking about. While there is both positives and negatives being related to this Survivor Series main event, Brock Lesnar taking on the returning Bill Goldberg is the discussion on everyone’s lips. This week we have AJ Howells, Robbie Radford, Nick Grapples and Drew Ortman providing us their take on this much-hyped match.

Nick Grapples

Make no mistake, Lesnar v Goldberg will have a big match feel to it. Some have concerns that Goldberg will receive a negative reaction in Canada due to his involvement in the end of Bret Hart’s career but I expect the novelty factor of his presence to override that sentiment. The real question is, after the slick video package and spectacular entrances, what happens when the bell rings? The abilities and motivation of both men have been called into question but plenty of memorable matches have been built on less talent than is available here. A hot crowd in Toronto should go a long way to making this a memorable encounter, and the WWE could add enough bells and whistles to this one to make it a fun 10-15 minute match. This is the template that worked for HHH and Sting at Wrestlemania 31 and could be put to good use here.

Robbie Radford

Similar to their first bout being nothing more than a horror show with two egotistical wrestlers having their last hurrah inside the squared circle, the upcoming rematch on Sunday at Survivor Series seemingly promises to be nothing more than a ‘remember when Goldberg returned?’ Moment. Neither men are capable of producing a solid match, I believe this will be the case when we see a joint “3 moves of doom” effort from both warring parties. I expect a mediocre bout resulting in a Lesnar win, allowing Lesnar to disappear back into the wrestling wilderness until 2017.

AJ Howells

So after 12 years we get to see these do battle again. The build up has been good and I’ve been impressed with Goldberg’s mic skills since his return. As for the match itself, I expect it to be pretty short and intense with a fair amount of growling at each other before they touch. I expect Brock to do dominate a large amount of the match before a Goldberg come back with all his trademark spots, including a Jackhammer and Spear combo. Eventually, it makes no sense for Lesnar to lose as he is future money for the company. Goldberg to lose and receive a standing ovation in defeat.

Drew Ortman

While having two big names of professional wrestling lore is never a bad thing to have headlining one of your four mainstay big events of the year, this match still has so much working against it heading in. First on a positive side, ¬†these two have both, for the most part, been lighting up the crowds on RAW getting bug pops for anything they do. Having stars of this magnitude solely in from of a live audience can never go wrong in the beginning. Now on to the negatives and yes, that is plural. First is the fact that we all remember WresleMania XX being a completely disaster with a poor match and both men getting booed out of the building. That is something that often times even the biggest star can’t while away from their reputation. Next is the physical condition. I am not worried about Lesnar as he is in peak physical conditioning, but that could be a bad thing for the almost 50-year-old Goldberg. Bill has shown over the past couple of weeks and in recent interviews that his body is not in the ideal shape to be getting into the ring, especially against the uneasy Lesnar. Throughout the entire match, my face will be cringing knowing that any move by Lesnar could put Goldberg on the mat not to get back up. I honestly believe the only way this match will go off successfully is if they pace if slows with easy, but big spots scatterd throughout and have a major swerve or surprise at the end to make the crowd and viewers forget about anything else they have just seen.

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