Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare III: 16/11/2016

Robbie Radford

Robbie Radford

Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.
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Aztec Warfare: Sexy Star wins the Lucha Underground Championship


Cueto bumped into Mundo backstage, where Mundo insisted he was going to become the first man in the temple’s short history to hold the Lucha Underground Championship as well as the Gift of the Gods championship. Mundo then cashed in for his Gift of the Gods championship set for next week. So he’ll be competing for the championship next week as well as tonight.

Okay, so covering Aztec Warfare is going to be tricky, so I’m going to cover it play-by-play as well as who entered at what number, as well as who they were eliminated by.

1: Matanza (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr)
2: Johnny Mundo (eliminated by Sexy Star)
3: Son of Havoc (eliminated by Jack Evans)
4: Jeremiah Crane (eliminated by Matanza)
5: Pentagon Dark (eliminated by Johnny Mundo)
6: PJ Black (eliminated by The Mack)
7: Mariposa (eliminated by Matanza)
8: Rey Mysterio Jr (eliminated by Johnny Mundo)
9: Dr Wagner Jr (eliminated by Matanza
10: Marty “The Moth” Martinez (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr)
11: Jack Evans (eliminated by The Mack
12: Sexy Star (winner)
13: Ricky Mandel (eliminated by PJ Black)
14: Mascarita Sagrada (eliminated by Matanza)
15: Famous B (eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr)
16: The Mack (eliminated by Mil Muertes)
17: Joey Ryan (eliminated by Mil Muertes
18: Mil Muertes (eliminated by Sexy Star)
19: Kobra Moon (eliminated by Drago)
20: Drago (eliminated by Matanza)

As you can imagine, Mundo was annoyed that Dario Cueto entered at number 2 instead of number 12, the villainous owner tampered with the numbers so Matanza had somewhat of an easier time in the long run. Matanza looked great in the opening stages, throwing Mundo around like a rag doll. Son of Havoc entered at number three, much to the delight of the believers, they finally had a horse to back in this early stretch. Debuting at Aztec Warfare II, Matanza looked really strong here in his title defence, although it soon changed once the other three entrants teamed up to take Matanza out of the equation temporarily.

This brawl got off to an even better start once Pentagon Dark entered the arena, superkicking Matanza on his way to the ring. The Backup then arrived as another member of Worldwide Underground, PJ Black, arrived. Similar to most matches of this manner, every entering superstar had a flurry of offence. Crane was quickly eliminated by Matanza after his suplex variant kept her down, the defending champion then quickly eliminated Mariposa who only lasted about 30 seconds.

Rey Mysterio entered, still full of momentum following his ‘Loser leaves Lucha’ match with Chavo Guerrero, staring down Matanza in the process. If you can recall, Mysterio was the last man Matanza eliminated in the last Aztec Warfare, so there was still clear remaining tension there, which Matt Striker felt obliged to provide us with more detail as to why. This match was really hectic but was having it’s big moments, some big face offs throughout the bruising contest. PJ Black and Mundo opted to hide under the ring for as long as they could without being found. Marty The Moth entered and perhaps for the first time in a while, looked generally interesting as he and Matanza traded some huge blows before the match then boiled down into chaos again.

Sexy Star made her way into the match at number 12. For those that are confused why she entered at number 12, she had her place swapped with Mundo after Mundo wound up Dario Cueto to the extent where he entered Mundo at number 2.

Returning to the temple, at number 13, Ricky Mandel entered and was quickly seen to by Pentagon Dark, being hit with a package piledriver. Mandel must’ve taken Ivelisse’s spot, considering what Matt Striker had said prior in reference to opportunities when injuries occur.

Black Lotus and her crew entered, delivering a Canadian Destroyer before the Worldwide Underground trio saw off Pentagon Dark and Mandel. Mascarita Sagrada entered and in a blink and you miss it moment, was very quickly disposed of by Matanza Cueto, delivering a Wrath of the Gods. Rey Mysterio then quickly eliminated Famous B who tried to recruit Mysterio. Mysterio then very quickly saw off Marty with a roll up. In the background, Matanza was decimating Dr Wagner Jr before The Mack entered, stunnering everyone in plain sight before really getting in the action with everyone else.

Joey Ryan entered and in similar fashion to last time, he handcuffed himself to the concrete solid rail on the steps. He soon regretted that decision when Mil Muertes entered after him and snapped the handcuffs off the steel. At the exact same time, Mil Muertes and Matanza eliminated Joey Ryan and Dr Wagner Jr. Kobra Moon then entered whilst Mil Muertes and Matanza brawled all around the building. The Mack eliminated both PJ Black and jack Evans with stunners.

Drago, following defeating his trios champions partners, was eliminated by Matanza after Drago eliminated Kobra Moon. Whittling down to the final six: Mysterio, The Mack, Matanza, Johnny Mundo, Mil Muertes and Sexy Star.

All men had laid their finishers and signature moves on Matanza, literally all six. Much to the sadness of Dario Cueto, Matanza was really struggling and was, after a brief struggle and a sunset flip, eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr. The temple nearly had its roof blown off as that was the first time Matanza had been pinned. Matanza was pissed, as you could understand, he destroyed Rey Mysterio Jr on the outside before delivering a Wrath of The Gods to Mysterio Jr and shoving over Dario Cueto on his way out.

Mysterio was stretchered out as Worldwide Underground beat down Sexy Star. Angelico arrived out of nowhere, diving off the top of Dario’s office to the trio below, allowing Sexy Star to get the pin. Mil Muertes then eliminated The Mack with a spike Flatliner, which looked really nasty.

The last two was Muertes and Sexy Star, which was as one sided as you can imagine for the majority of the final two contest. Sexy Star attacked Muertes with a steel chair, even though she could barely keep hold of the chair. Star then evaded a trident as Muertes charged through a table. Muertes set up another table, only to be pushed through it from the top rope. Sexy Star then double foot stomped Muertes for the victory, winning the championship in the process.

Final Word: *sigh* okay.. Here is my final say on the matter. When this show was taped earlier in the year, the finish was a very 50-50 split opinion. Half of the fans were delighted to see a woman win the championship, half the crowd were pissed due to the manner in which Sexy Star won. I have a few grievances with this finish, removing expletives along the way, I’ll try to explain why in another article following this however in a time when you could’ve made and/or booked others to look really strong, you pretty much had Matanza and the top guys do the dirty work, only for Sexy Star to beat Muertes?

Great match, fantastic hour of fun with a bad ending.

Grade: A-

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Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.

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