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Amanda Why

Amanda Why

Amanda covers NXT and WWE's Women's Division for Kayfabe Today.
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By Amanda Why @Manda_Why

A few things were announced for tonight’s show. The contract signing between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe for their title rematch at NXT TakeOver Toronto will take place. #DIY take on Authors of Pain, and TM-61 meet SAnitY in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semi-final matches. In addition WWE.com released an interview with Mickie James this week, ahead of her challenge to Asuka in Toronto.


Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering def #DIY

TM-61 def SAnitY

Ember Moon def Rachael Evers


Charly Caruso’s update on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic opened the show and introduced the first match of the evening pre-recorded in Los Angeles.

#DIY vs Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering

Authors of Pain came into the match undefeated since their debut in NXT. They look twice the size of Gargano and Ciampa, but size isn’t everything and there’s no quit in #DIY. Ciampa and Akam started the match with Akam providing the initial offence. Teamwork and speed appeared to be the game plan for #DIY but the power of the Authors kept stalling any momentum they built. Gargano was caught by the Authors in a dive to the outside and then thrown at Ciampa when he tried to make the save.

Back from an ad and the Authors dominated Gargano, even Paul Ellering inflicted some punishment. I see no logical reason for Ellering to get involved considering the monsters he… manages? handles? Ciampa tried to get the crowd fired up while his teammate was being destroyed. Eventually Gargano managed to fight back and he tagged Ciampa in, but his series of kicks and strikes had very little effect. The suplex on Razar was impressive but only got him a two count. Razar answered by picking up both of #DIY and planting the pair of them.

#DIY got another two count after reversing an Authors of Pain’s double team manoeuvre. They landed their own but Ellering distracted the ref. While Ciampa tried to deal with Ellering, The Revival appeared from under the ring, dragged Gargano off the apron and DDT’d him outside the ring to take him out of the match.

The Last Chapter on Ciampa sealed the win for Authors of Pain.

I guess we’re getting #DIY vs The Revival at NXT TakeOver Toronto then. If it’s as good as the first one, we’re in for a treat.

Tye Dillinger, in a pre-recorded interview, spoke about Bobby Roode being a backstabbing liar. He said that Roode has made a career of turning his back on people, just like he did to Dillinger in the Dusty Classic. He’s going to kick Roode’s ass all over Toronto at TakeOver and Toronto will then be known as Perfect 10 city apparently.

Back to Charly Caruso to introduce the other semi-final, also taped in LA.

SAnitY vs TM-61

The whole of SAnitY came to the ring as usual. Fulton and Wolfe didn’t allow TM-61 to finish their entrances before attacking them. Erik Young threw Nick Miller in the steps and Nikki Cross beat on Shane Thorne, leaving TM-61 laying crumpled outside the ring.

Once the match got underway Shane Thorne was alone, Nick Miller still presumably not recovered from the attack. Thorne was comprehensively dominated by Sawyer Fulton until he tagged in Alexander Wolfe, then he was comprehensively dominated by Wolfe.

Nick Miller made it back onto the apron to make the tag, but was knocked back down before Thorne had chance. Eventually he made it back and tagged in. He brought a surprising amount of energy for someone who had been laying on the floor for the whole match, but it didn’t last long. When Miller turned his attention to Wolfe in the corner Sawyer Fulton smashed him into the ropes.

SAnitY’s tag team finisher was broken up by Thorne, and Miller rolled up Wolfe for the pin before his teammates had time to interfere.

Completely against the run of the match, TM-61 go through to face Authors of Pain in the final.

Charly Caruso confirmed the final match and introduced an address from William Regal. Unsurprisingly, Regal confirmed #DIY will face The Revival at TakeOver Toronto for the NXT Tag Team Championship. To make it more interesting (as if that match needs anything more) he announced it will be a two out of three falls match.

Bobby Roode’s interview, in answer to Tye Dillinger’s comments. Defeat was Dillinger’s fault not Roode’s. No explanation of how, just the delusional wittering you’d expect. Tye Dillinger is a perfect failure and Bobby Roode will be the man to make NXT TakeOver Toronto ‘Glorious’.

Rachel Evers vs Ember Moon

Good to see Rachel Evers (Ellering) back on NXT. She’s very talented and I’m not sure how she’s only appeared a few times. Ember Moon is, of course, fabulous. There was a huge build-up to her arrival, but she has been used sparingly since then which is a shame. Those red contact lenses are still creepy but very effective.

Good match with both women showing their technical skills early on. Evers might have been cast in a losing role so far but she’s no jobber. She got some decent offence in before Ember Moon took control of proceedings. Once that happened a flurry of kicks and strikes put Evers down. As she got to her feet Ember Moon hit the Eclipse and finished Evers as she has finished all her opponents so far.

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas versus Cedric Alexander was announced for next week’s NXT.

William Regal was in the ring to oversee the contract signing. Shinsuke Nakamura was first out, with all his usual flamboyance. Samoa Joe brought a table and chair onto the stage, sat down, put his feet up and refused to come any closer. He sounded off for a while, then demanded that Regal ‘make himself useful’ and bring him the contract to sign. Regal got ‘that look’ as Joe taunted him in a show of complete disrespect – there will be repercussions I’m sure – but he took the contract to him. Samoa Joe signed as Nakamura paced in the ring. Security surrounded Nakamura and waited for him to sign. Instead he took out the six-man security team one by one, powerbombing the final one through a table while staring Joe down. Then he signed and dropped the clipboard onto the security guy.

Final word

So, NXT TakeOver Toronto looks awesome (look out for my preview and review of the event only on Kayfabe Today). Tonight’s show was a good one too. Nice to see Ember Moon and all three matches were decent. I’m certain Samoa Joe won’t be allowed to get away with disrespecting William Regal like that, I’m looking forward to seeing what form the retribution takes. NXT is really starting to gather momentum again, it feels like there is a lot to look forward to

Grade B

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