ROH Wrestling Episode: # 267

Drew Ortman

Drew Ortman

Drew Ortman covers Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and various other topics for Kayfabe Today. He is also a member of the weekly Kayfabe Today podcast. Drew lives in Ohio, United States.
Drew Ortman

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Well, folks, it looks like we may have another solid week of ROH Wrestling action ahead of us. Previewed for the show is a tag team battle between The Addiction and The Briscoes. Also, we see the continuation of the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Tournament with semi-finals action. I find it funny that earlier this year it was almost painful to watch ROH weekly television. Lazy production never works when it comes to professional wrestling. Now I am finding myself almost looking forward to the show. While there are still areas that need improvement, moving forward in a positive direction is key. As I say every time now, let’s see if they can keep it up this week. From Lowell, Massachusetts, let’s get to the action. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary.


Donovan Dijak def. Danny Miles **1/4

The Briscoes def. Adam Cole & Hangman Page by disqualification **

Super ACH, KUSHIDA & Jay White def. The Cabinet ***1/4


The show kicks off with a squash match for ROH rising star, Donovan Dijak. Even though he lost his ROH Television Title match against Bobby Fish at All Star Extravaganza, Dijak gained a lot from just winning the number one contendership, and they are clearly and methodically booking him to succeed in the future. This is his first match back since the loss to Fish. Danny Miles is the name of Dijk’s victim this evening. Dijak comes out insanely aggressive which I find to be a great style for him. He slowly, but in a short amount of time annihilates Miles, hits him with three Feast Your Eyes and picks up the win. Dijak is sending a message this week, and it is loud and clear. After the match, Prince Nana rants a case for Dijak.

Next up is a tag match full of ROH veterans and former champions as The Briscoes take on The Addiction. Having not been on ROH since the beating they took at Ladder War Six, The Addiction come out with Kamaitachi, all wearing street clothes. With bruises, stitches, and staples, The Addiction look like hell. Daniels and Kazarian have been around forever, and they are once again hitting a climax in their careers with the fans. Oh, what one violent, crazy match can do. Kazarian rants for a bit, says they are the best, but they won’t be completing tonight due to their injuries. The Briscoes make it known that they still want to fight so they call out the ROH Tag Champions, The Young Bucks. Jay Briscoe says they are going to “Whoop dem ass.”

After some crowd chanting, The Bullet Clubs music begins to play, but it is not The Young Bucks. ROH Champion Adam Cole and Hangman Page head down with Adam Cole giving them hell on the mic the whole way. Cole then tells the Briscoes that they will not be fighting The Young Bucks tonight. Jay then tells them “then why don’t you bring your pretty asses in here.” At this point, Page is ready to go. Cole and Page attack, brawling breaks out and the bell rings. Cole and Page bail to the outside and regroup and then it calms down to a tag match with Page and Mark starting things off. A relatively standard tag team match with a big hot tag to Jay Briscoe which the crowd didn’t pop much for. Just as Jay goes for the Jay Driller on Page, Cole hits Briscoe with the ROH title belt for the disqualification. Cole and Page go for chairs, but reDragon make the save with chairs of their own.

On the stage, Jay Lethal has requested interview time with Kevin Kelly. It is essentially a commercial for his rematch with Adam Cole for the ROH Championship on the “Reach for the Sky” tour in the UK.

The main event of the evening is a semi-final match in the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Tournament pitting The Cabinet (Kenny King, Rhett Titus, and Caprice Coleman) up against Super ACH, KUSHIDA, and Jay White. Let me break this down simply; The Cabinet suck all around and their opponents tonight are my favorite team in the tournament. I will give the Cabinet one compliment; their ring gear looks pretty good. I’m a sucker for the fluent tag team gear. This was a fairly good match all around. The Cabinet held their own with good in ring presence and best of all made great placeholders so ACH, KUSHIDA, and White could be as great as they are. Super ACH ended up hitting the Midnight Star on Coleman to get his team the victory. Very fun match. These guys need to win this tournament, but I have a feeling Matt Taven has something up his sleeve.

Final Word

This wasn’t the greatest show by any means and was one of the least enjoyable shows from ROH lately, but I can’t say it was awful. Occasionally you will have a show where the action is lacking, but you still have slight storyline progression and build for the next big show. I did on the other hand enjoy the Donovan Dijak squash match. He showed some much-needed aggression that is going to send him upward much quicker.

Grade: C

Drew Ortman
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Drew Ortman covers Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and various other topics for Kayfabe Today. He is also a member of the weekly Kayfabe Today podcast. Drew lives in Ohio, United States.

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