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As the action heats up in the Boyle Heights temple, the cautious yet cunning Dario Cueto aimed to turn the temple into a Gladiatorial Pit as his undying thirst for violence grows stronger by the week.


Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr defeated Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada (***)

Gift of the Gods Championship match: Sexy Star defeated Jack Evans (***½)

Pentagon Dark defeated Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero (***¾)


Chavo attempted to jump El Dragon Azteca backstage and  after a brief struggle, decimated Dragon Azteca with a steel chair before making his intentions clear, getting back at Pentagon Dark. Mysterio found Azteca’s seemingly lifeless body and  after some brief interrogation, realised it was Chavo that committed the heinous crime.

Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada vs Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr

As ever, the show kicked off with a match: Famous B & Dr Wagner Jr squared off with Mascarita Sagrada & Son of Havoc. The pair were seeking retribution after Famous B screwed over the pair of them. Sagrada looked noticeably less like a jobber and more so a legitimate opponent despite the size differences between himself and every opponent he faces. After a brawl on the outside, Mascarita took the fight to Wagner Jr, for a short while until Wagner Jr decimated with a powerbomb Mascarita whilst Brenda, Famous B’s assistant, demanded to put “baby in the corner.”

They worked towards the Son of Havoc hot tag who looked superb once he got going. Utilising the ropes & his immense athletic ability, the biker from the open road took the fight to Famous B as well as Wagner Jr. Havoc tagged in Mascarita who was eager to get back at his former agent. After knocking Havoc from the top rope as he looked to finish off the match, Wagner Jr tagged in Famous B after doing the dirty work for his new agent, allowing Famous B to tag in & pick up his first victory in the temple. Unfortunately for the charismatic duo of Sagrada and Havoc, they came up a little bit short. Nice opening match, you never expect too much from Lucha Underground’s opening matches but Son of Havoc is always worth the watch.

Returning from the ad break, speculation reverberated around the that El Dragon Azteca Jr couldn’t compete against Pentagon Dark, although to provide some good news to the believers, Matt Striker revealed that not only would Mil Muertes would square off with Prince Puma in next week’s main event, a rematch from Ultima Lucha, but the Dario’s Dial of Doom would make a return to the temple next week as well.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star vs Jack Evans

So my opinion is fairly clear on Sexy Star, I don’t think she’s the greatest female wrestler on the roster, in fact far from it, however tonight’s championship match was pretty good. Jack Evans cut a great promo before the match, only for the champion to slap him, thus injecting some much needed intensity prior to the match.

Sexy Star was clearly bothered by the promo Evans cut, really taking the fight to Evans early on, forcing the Worldwide Underground member to retreat to the outside. Ramming Evans into the steel ring post before launching Evans back into the ring, Star’s intensity worked against her as she ran out of energy fairly quick. As Evans locked in a Boston Crab and talked even more trash, albeit a little personal to Star, the champion began to struggle as Evans took control, talking trash every step and move of the way. The crowd were really into this, whether they were cheering for Evans or Star, the temple really voiced their opinions. There was some pretty dangerous moves utilised in this match so far from both sides yet it looked really good for the most part.

As Star looked poised to retake control of the match, PJ Black & Johnny Mundo appeared, one distracted the referee whilst the other punished Star. Aerostar & Drago soon made the save, evening the odds for the champion. Fenix ran in, distracting Evans & allowing Star some much needed breathing space to capture the victory following a swinging neckbreaker. A little overbooked as far as the finish is concerned but worth the watch!

Main event: Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero vs Pentagon Dark

Chavo Guerrero was stood in Cueto’s office, demanding a match against Pentagon Dark following Dragon Azteca’s suspect injury. Mysterio barged in and demanded a match against Chavo after realising it was Chavo who brutally attacked Azteca, to which Chavo insisted he had a match with Pentagon Dark. Cueto sat in awe as the two brawled in his office, which seemingly was the gunpowder just needing an ignition. Cueto set a triple threat match, pitting Pentagon Dark against Rey Mysterio Jr as well as Chavo Guerrero, serving as a prime opportunity for all three men to administer Cueto’s idea of revenge against one another.

Calling it the Prince of Darkness vs The King vs The Weasel, Vampiro and the believers erupted for the arrival of Mysterio as it was not known who was competing in this match until it occurred. This match got underway at 100mph right from the first bell, Chavo went straight for Pentagon Dark but Mysterio simply fought whoever was in front of him. After dispatching of Chavo on the outside, Mysterio and Pentagon brawled it out whilst Chavo opted to use a steel chair. Pentagon spotted this and seemingly made the save for Mysterio. Lucha’s Prince of Darkness showcased his unmatched strike game, targeting the limbs of both Chavo and Mysterio to have the firm upper hand over both men.

As Vampiro explained the deep rivalry embedded in the minds of both Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero, explaining that Mysterio’s uncle was a promoter that was a bully. Chavo’s father, Chavo Classic, stood up to him and knocked out the famous promoter in the early 1980’s and insisted the rivalry still exists today. Meanwhile, Pentagon Dark was finding his feet again after taking strong offence from both men before Chavo went for the three amigos, paying homage to Eddie Guerrero, which the temple acknowledged and loved, a fitting tribute considering it was Eddie’s birthday a few days ago.

After taking out Chavo following a sidekick, Mysterio was hung up on the top rope which Pentagon took advantage of, administering his Package Piledriver to pick up a big win. After the match, Chavo attacked Mysterio with a chair, attacking the knee similar to how he did during their infamous I Quit match whilst they were both in the WWE many years ago. Mysterio laid motionless on the outside whilst Chavo stood tall in the ring to close the show, soaking up the deafening amount of heat from the furious fans inside the temple.

Final Word: Tonight’s episode was a really enjoyable one. I felt the show flowed well & had a little bit of everything, good action inside the ring & outside of it, Vampiro providing some interesting storytelling behind the past and present rivalries within the temple and we’ve got a great reason to tune in next week. Whilst there has been a some questionable main events in past episodes, there’s been a good string of main events in recent weeks, perhaps something that felt absent for parts of season two.

Grade: A+

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