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TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann

Cruiserweight Classic

@drewortman: Talk about two charismatic and confident competitors for the main event of the evening. The body builds and styles were somewhat similar here, so you knew we were in for a good contest. The fact that Swann was dancing during the entire referee rules was amazing. Early in the match, we see both men essentially feeling out each other with a trading of some quick, high impact moves. At the end of each series, they have a bit of a standoff showing respect for one another. Once the action gets into gear, that is all out the window, and the match takes another course. These two are on fire bouncing around the ring almost looking to try and keep up with one another. Perkins eventually gains offensive control working on the arm and knee of Swann. After some persistence from Perkins, Swann is visibly hurt limping around the ring. After some high flying moves, Swann begins a comeback. As he drags Perkins to the corner for a standing 450, Perkins locked on a kneebar to which Swann is able to make it to the ropes. Swann then hits a powerbomb for a near fall.In the end, Perkins hits a big kick and again locks in the knee bar to which Swann as not choice but to tap.

Johnny Gargano vs. Zack Sabre Jr.


@specficluchador: Undoubtedly the ace of EVOLVE, Johnny Gargano has helped define EVOLVE’s identity since the first ever show back in 2010 when he faced Chris Dickinson in a dark match. Gargano’s journey to become the ace of EVOLVE has seen Gargano have two DGUSA Championship reigns that combined lasted over one thousand days. There is no single man more synonymous with EVOLVE than Johnny Gargano: in fact, it is difficult to conceive an EVOLVE without Gargano.

Although he came up short against Drew Galloway and the anti-WWE contingent, Gargano faced Zack Sabre Jr in his final singles match in EVOLVE.

The match was prefaced with chants of “thank you, Johnny” before a lightning fast opening exchange. This match had an exhibition feel early on with Gargano out-wrestling Sabre, which encouraged Sabre to become aggressive. For all Zack Sabre Jr’s abundant talent, a criticism frequently leveled at him is that he is seldom has fire in his offence, often using his vast array of submission holds for aesthetic purposes only. This was not the case here: Sabre was a dickhead, talking trash and applying holds with malicious intent. Sabre, in control, bent Gargano’s arm to various angles before Gargano shifted the momentum with a sliingshot spear. Animated by the crowd, Gargano scored a number of near falls which only appeared to inspire further aggression in Sabre. After Gargano and Sabre traded vicious strikes, both men attempted to apply submission holds before Sabre finally submitted Gargano as he finally gave up. This was a great main event and an apt end to Johnny Gargano’s prolific singles career in EVOLVE.

The Briscoes vs Jay White & Lio Rush


@drewortman: Our main event of the evening is the IWGP Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes taking on ROH’s best young talent in Lio Rush and Jay White. Not a match combination I would expect to see, but that is exactly why I like it. The Briscoes control all the offense in the early part of this contest making it look like a walk in the park. After a break, it is on with the match picking up the pace and never looking back. The Briscoes maintain trying to dominate the young up and comers, but White and Rush use their speed and agility to show the Briscoes they will not be run over. While the veterans still control much of the match, White and Rush get a few near falls keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. By the time we reach the climax of the contest, the match has been fantastic so far with the action never letting up for a minute. The crowd breaks out in multiple “this is awesome chants” showing their love for the action they are seeing. In the end, The Briscoe send White to the outside and hit Rush with Doomsday to pick up the victory. The Briscoes get the win here, but Rush and White gained everything from this match. One of those times where they loss is just as great as the victory,

Martin Kirkby V Pete Dunne

North Wrestling

@ac_adamson: Two more exceptionally talented British wrestlers hit the ring for the next match. I’d be very surprised if Pete Dunne is not the next big breakout superstar from the UK every match he has is top notch and he plays his Bruiserweight gimmick perfectly everywhere he goes. Kirby offers Dunne a handshake but Dunne kicks his hand away and the match begins.  Dunne, as always, works Kirby’s fingers, ears, nose and whatever other extremities he can get his hands on throughout the match. The match eventually spills to the outside where Dunne lines up a knife edge chop which Kirkby avoids causing Dunne to chop the ring post which makes a horrible ringing noise as Dunnes hand strikes it.  Dunne continues to dominate the match though despite that miner set back. Suddenly Kirby hits a snap suplex from nowhere as the crowd start to rally behind him.  Dunne though fights back with a sit out powerbomb followed by a huge forearm before going back to biting Kirby’s fingers.  The 2 trade enziguris and are both laid out in the ring. After a number of false finishes Dunne hits a snap German suplex followed by the DT3 to get the victory in what was a fantastic match up.

Trevor Lee (C) vs John Skyler 

CWF Mid Atlantic 

Instead of reading, watch the match below.

Mark Haskins (C) vs Zack Gibson

Fight! Nation.

Instead of reading, watch the match below.

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