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By Amanda Why


We’re at the end of a very long weekend of wrestling, but before we all get an early night, and mutter our way through spandex haunted nightmares, there is NXT. The big news going in is that Shinsuke Nakamura is the new NXT Champion and Bayley has, finally, made her main roster debut. Perhaps more than any other branch of WWE, NXT likes a recap, round-up and self-congratulatory pat on the back. I’m not begrudging it. NXT Take over was brilliant. That’s the theme of this week’s episode, a look back over the events of NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, with a little added value from each match in the form of post-match interviews. We also have two matches on the show.



Tye Dillinger defeated Wesley Blake

Authors of Pain – with Paul Ellering defeated TM61



The show opened, with an extended montage of moments from NXT Takeover Brooklyn II.

Tye Dillinger vs Wesley Blake was the first fight of the night. Like many fans, I fail to understand why NXT aren’t pushing Dillinger. He’s consistently extremely well received by crowds, and he always puts on entertaining matches. At the moment his narrative appears to be that of a good guy who has had a run of bad results and is looking to redeem himself. Wesley Blake, now being used to fill the singles mid-card, is a less sympathetic character than his ex-teammate Buddy Murphy. He played the story of ‘arrogant guy who is not as good as he thinks he is’ perfectly. That’s not to say he’s bad, he really isn’t. He threw everything he had at Dillinger, and had a decent period of dominance, but it wasn’t enough and Dillinger hit the Tye-Breaker for the win. Entertaining match to get the episode started and, hopefully, the start of Tye Dillinger’s redemption story.

First Takeover recap was the Bobby Roode versus Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas match. The post-match interview was with Bobby Roode. He accused the interviewer of sounding shocked, when he shouldn’t because, while Almas is good, he’s not glorious. Bobby Roode is, apparently, glorious. Takeover was step one to elevate NXT to the next level and make it glorious,

Following a recap of the Austin Aries versus No Way Jose match, and subsequent confrontation between Aries and Hideo Itami, Aries post-match interview was shown. He’s sick of people ruining ‘his moment’. He points out his debut was spoiled by Baron Corbin, that No Way Jose crashed one of his interviews, and now Hideo Itami had stolen his moment in the spotlight after his victory. He rants about people trying to make their name off him and promises to end Itami’s career.

As expected there was an extended look at the NXT women’s championship match and Bayley’s NXT career. After a run-down of the Takeover match, highlights of Bayley’s time in NXT were shown, overplayed by her reading a letter about her dreams of being in a WWE ring.

In her interview Bayley said at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, in the same place where she first won the title, against Sasha Banks, she felt like she had home advantage. She worked hard and thought she was prepared, but it just didn’t work out.

Ember Moon came in to tell her she was impressed by how Bayley had taken Asuka to the limit, that Bayley has been amazing since day one, and that’s why she’s in NXT, to be like Bayley. Slightly awkward little clip, Bayley congratulated her on her debut and said she looked forward to watching her grow and maybe one day they could have a takeover match. Bayley’s debut on RAW was shown to wrap up the piece

My match of the month (match of the year candidate) recap next. Absolutely brilliant match, go and watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. Post-match interview was the Revival restating that they are better than everyone else, no-one can touch them. They’re not only the best in NXT, but ‘sports entertainment wide’. Then they called out the SmackDown tag-team roster and left.

Highlights from Shinsuke Nakamura versus Samoa Joe. It was announced that Nakamura will appear next week to address the NXT universe. No post-match interview from this one, just a tweet from Samoa Joe to say his jaw had been dislocated in the match

Another cryptic vignette showing riots and destruction and ending with the word Sanity. All will be revealed in time I guess. I quite like these ‘teaser builds’, it reminds me of WWE of old. I haven’t heard who this one is for yet (if anyone wants to clue me in that would be cool), I’m looking forward to the big reveal.

Main event time. TM61 versus Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering. I’m not sure more menacing was necessary for the team who have walked in, said nothing, and destroyed everyone they’ve come into contact with, but now they have masks and hoods to complete the look. They have been named as Akam and Rezer. The Authors of Pain went for TM61 before the bell but TM61 used their superior speed and agility to get the upper hand and clear them out of the ring. TM61’s game plan appeared to be keep moving and don’t get caught with anything. Sadly, it didn’t last Long. Shane Thorne was quickly isolated in the wrong corner and rammed shoulder first into the ring post by Rezer.

After that is was mainly Authors of Pain in control. Thorne did manage to tag in Nick Miller, who staged a brief resurgence for them, including the first and second two counts against either of the Authors’. It was short lived though and the Authors of Pain’s finish, bashing their opponents backs together before powerbombing them, then delivering their, as yet unnamed, double-team finisher, was predictable. The Authors of Pain got the victory, but that is the first time they have shown any weakness, however brief it was.


Final word

As expected, this was more of a recap show than a full episode, but we did still get two good matches. Disappointing not to see any action from the women’s division at all, but that’s a rarity for NXT so I’m not going to whine about it. A good, if not great, episode which wrapped up the weekend nicely.

Grade: -C

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