Smackdown Preview (07/26/2016)

Robbie Radford

Robbie Radford

Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.
Robbie Radford

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Following a successful Battleground Pay-Per-View and a very impressive episode of RAW last night, the battle lines have been drawn and it’s now Smackdown’s move. The Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan were ecstatic that not only Smackdown had higher ratings last week but Dean Ambrose successfully defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in the Battleground main event, meaning the WWE Championship stays on the blue brand. On to tonight’s first Smackdown show after the draft, the anticipation is high: RAW has delivered, can Daniel Bryan’s Smackdown jump higher than the benchmark?

After Dean Ambrose successfully retained the WWE Championship, his previous challengers, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, have been drafted to RAW: currently, there is no number one contender for Smackdown’s top prize. Shane McMahon was quoted as saying we’re in for a rollercoaster ride but who will be the one on the first row, who will step forward to challenge the Lunatic Fringe? With a roster bursting at the seams with talent, whoever the number one contender will be, we will get a battle for the ages. One other thing to consider is the ratings, so will Daniel Bryan go one step further and make Dean Ambrose defend his championship tonight?

With a new era comes new stars: 4 of the NXT call-ups were drafted to Smackdown but will we see them tonight? Carmella, Mojo Rawley, Alexa Bliss and American Alpha were drafted to Smackdown, but which draft pick will impress first? Alexa Bliss is one of the best talents to come out of the WWE Performance Centre and she provides much needed competition for any woman in the division. American Alpha are one of the best tag teams on the planet at the minute, and they will no doubt shake up the tag team division, but will they step forward to feud with an established main roster star first? Whatever the outcome, it’s fantastic to know that the Smackdown roster is about to stay hyped.

In reference to American Alpha, the tag team championships and the women’s championship present an interesting situation: as well as the Women’s division. With both the New Day and the new women’s champion Sasha Banks on RAW, how will Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan address this? Will we see new titles established, or will they float over both brands? The former is more likely, however this may also mean we will see some fantastic feuds because of this. The Women’s division is certainly stronger on Smackdown with talent such as Eva Marie, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Natalya and many more, so will they take advantage of this? Similar to this, with American Alpha the hottest tag team on Smackdown, who will challenge them first?

The Miz will be brimming with confidence after a bizarre finish to his match with Darren Young at Battleground ensured the successful defence of the Intercontinental Championship, but similar to Dean Ambrose’s situation, who will be the one to challenge the A-lister as we’re less than 4 weeks away from the biggest part of the summer – Summerslam.

The roster itself is packed full of experienced former World champions, Intercontinental Champions and United States Champions: with such a strong roster, who will be the ones to carry the brand forward? Will it be the more experienced WWE Superstars such as Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and John Cena; or will it be the relatively new WWE Superstars to ignite Tuesday nights? With AJ Styles still looking to beat up John Cena, will it fall to newcomers like Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin to be the present as well as the future of Smackdown?

Find all this action and more in one place, as it’s Smackdown’s turn to establish their brand. If you can’t catch it live, we here at Kayfabe Today, to reference Al Snow, know what everybody wants and what everybody needs. Head on over to Twitter and give us a follow at @KayfabeToday where we can offer you the very best live tweets to ensure you don’t miss a beat.


Robbie Radford
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Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.

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