ROH Wrestling Episode: #252

Drew Ortman

Drew Ortman

Drew Ortman covers Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and various other topics for Kayfabe Today. He is also a member of the weekly Kayfabe Today podcast. Drew lives in Ohio, United States.
Drew Ortman

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By Drew Ortman


Here we are again folks for a sure to be not so epic edition of ROH Wrestling. On a positive note, I can say that at least we are getting multiple weeks in a row of new content. That means new matches, storylines progressing and maybe even some build to the next pay per view. I’ve not seen any previews for this week’s episode, so I honestly have no idea what we are in store for. Let’s not waste anymore time and get right to the action!


Kamaitachi w/Christopher Daniels vs. Jay White

This match is coming off of their violent interaction at ROH Best in the World. Kamaitachi randomly came out during a match and attacked White, who was sitting in the crowd. The two brawled through the ring and to the back. White has a slight size advantage heading into this match. These two are smooth as can be starting out and have a solid back and forth until Kamaitachi drop kicks and slams White into the barricade on the outside to take an offense advantage. Daniels also does what he can to help out his new found friend when the referee’s back is turned. Kamaitachi works over the leg through the commercial break until White is able to come back with a reversal into a DDT followed by a brainbuster and a missile dropkick from the top. After a few near falls and some more back and forth, White attempts to suplex Kamaitachi back into the ring from the ring apron, but in classic WrestleMania 5 style (Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude), Daniels grabs White’s causing Kamaitachi to fall on him for a pin. Lucky for White, he kicks out at two. White grabs Daniels and Kamaitachi charges at White, but White moves causing the two friend to collide. White then hits the Kiwi Buster for the win.

Final Rating: ***


After the match, Frankie Kazarian comes out, and he and Daniels beat down Jay White. The Motor City Machine Guns come down and clear then ring followed by Chris Sabin getting on the mic and challenging their foes to a six man tag team match right now. Nigel McGuinness okays it, and the match is on after the break.


The Addiction & Kamaitachi vs. The Motor City Machine Guns & Jay White

This match is in progress after the break with The Addiction and Kamaitachi taking turns working over Chris Sabin.  Commentary talks up Jay White hugely after the match. After everyone gets their turn, a slew of double team moves and a  failed save attempt from Shelly; Sabin finally gets a hot tag to Jay White. White looks fresh and ready to go running wild on the other team. The Motor City Machine Guns recovered and took care of Kazarian and Kamaitachi allowing White to get Daniels into The Kiwi Crusher for the victory. Commentary talks up Jay White hugely after the match.This was a standard…well not enough to even be that…an almost standard six man tag that worked completely for it’s purpose; Push Jay White in a big way (twice tonight) and heat up the ROH Tag Team title feud between The Addiction and The Motor City Machine Guns. Mission accomplished.

Final Rating: **

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee vs. Victor Andrews & James Anthony

This was a squash match. What you have is the new team of Taylor and Lee showing their dominance, size, and power. There was a slight bit of back and forth, but in the end, James Anthony took the fall tonight receiving a powerbomb by Lee followed by a splash by Taylor for the victory. After the match, War Machine come out and attack the big men. Something I’ sure War Machine didn’t see coming, Lee nails a dive onto both of them leaving the newcomers looking like the dominant force. I know exactly what happened here. War Machine are the big, dominant team in ROH. After a while who do you match them up with? A bigger, dominate team of course. Must be why The Undertaker always got all the big, green guys.

Final Rating: *


In an in-ring promo segment, BJ Whitmer, and his new-found ali, Kevin Sullivan talks about the events that took place at ROH Best in the World. Sullivan talks about Corino and Whitmer being the ones who were the heirs to an evil dynasty started by…yes, the leader of the Dungeon of Doom, King Curtis Iaukea. Sullivan goes on to say that Corino knew all about this but didn’t tell Whitmer. They continue eventually setting up another match between Whitmer and Corino for the “RIGHTFUL HEIR TO EVIL!”. I added that dramatic last part, like it?


Dalton Castle vs. Roderick Strong

Even though we know he is already on to other endeavors (see Strong vs. Riddle, Evolve 54) this is the long road ending for Mr. ROH. Castle came out strong (no pun intended) using his strength advantage over Strong, but Strong used his veteran ability to take over control of the offense. After a commercial break, Strong was still in control sending Castle to the outside followed by also taking out Castle’s Boys. Castle again tried to mount a comeback going for the Bangarang, but again Strong was right there to fight off the attack and stay in control. Castle finally sees his biggest offensive break of the night sending Strong to the floor and hitting him with a big dive and a hurricanrana. Castle hits a few suplexes on Strong with a near fall in between. The crowd is going crazy for this match and rightfully so. Castle almost had the match to point where he could put it away when one of Strong’s flying knees comes into the picture and changes the dynamic. After a little more back and forth, Strong tries to wrap things up with a Sick Kick getting a near fall, then going for a big knee, but Castle catches him and hits a huge Bangarang for the victory. It may have been the last ROH match for Roderick Strong for a while, but it was a good one and shows his character giving the run to up and comer Castle. Well done Mr. Strong…or Mr. ROH…if you weeell.

Final Rating: ***1/4


This was honestly a fairly decent episode of ROH Wrestling. Not only that, be we now have two weeks in a row of decent television from ROH. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everything is fixed, and they have hit a new level of success; I am just saying that they have put out television that is fun to watch for two weeks now. Remember, that is saying a lot when you look back at what we have received for ROH in 2016. The big question is will this continue? I would love to say it will, but now all we can do it hope and watch. Stick to a simple formula to please the fans and things can only go up from here.

Drew Ortman
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Drew Ortman covers Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and various other topics for Kayfabe Today. He is also a member of the weekly Kayfabe Today podcast. Drew lives in Ohio, United States.

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