TNA Slammiversary Review (06/12/2016)

Live from Orlando, TNA held their fourteenth annual Slammiversary and their grand return to PPV. Featuring four title matches and nine matches in total, this was set to be a rather ambitious show for TNA. However, the show may have been what the community of Orlando needed, especially after the tragic events that had taken place earlier in the day. The show began with the entire roster out, holding a moment of silence for all the victims of the shooting.

Match 1: Trevor Lee vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJZ vs. Andrew Everett for X Division Title

TNA made the right call putting the X Division match on first. High flying matches are an excellent way to pump up the crowd and for the people viewing at home. Overall this was a good match; it had some unique spots. Shane Helms was ejected at the start of the contest, Edwards and DJ Z flew to the outside and the four started brawling. One of the big spots of the match was when Everett hit a springboard corkscrew to the floor, landing on the other competitors which sent the crowd into a TNA chant. Lee hit a Spanish Fly on DJZ; Josh Matthews called the move turning him inside out. Lee went for the Fisherman suplex; Edwards countered it into a small package for the win. **3/4

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Jeremy Borash is backstage with EC3, saying tonight will culminate his road to redemption. I usually don’t recommend promos, but EC3 is one of the best on the Mike, this is a must watch. He continued, says he will bring “Old Testament Vengeance,” Carter then attempted to get the audience to sing along to his theme. ***** Five Star Promo.

Match 2: The Tribunal vs. Grado & Mahabali Shera

The NXT rejects against two of the worst wrestlers on the TNA roster; this contest had no business being on the PPV. Al Snow comes out with the Tribunal First cuts a promo about Donald Trump. The Tribunal beat down Shera for the majority of the match; Grado eventually gets the hot tag but is distracted by Snow. Grado grabs Snows whistle and blows the whistle, at this point I’ve lost all interest. Grado has a comedy gimmick; his silly antics work to an extent, but Shera is just awful. The Tribunal hit their finisher on Grado picking up the win. *

Winners: The Tribunal

Braxton Sutter is backstage, wanders into a James Storm promo. Storm congratulates Sutter; they discuss the first Slammaversary and how old Storm is. Never do I want to see or discuss a segment as terrible as this was ever again.

Gail Kim makes her way to the ring for her match, Maria Kanellis, and Allie comes out to explain the match is off due to her broken hand. Billy Corgan then graces us with his presence (that was sarcasm), displays the x-rays verifying their validity. Corgan adds Kim to the Knockouts title match making it a three-way.

Match 3: Jade vs. Sienna vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title

Kim and Jade worked together early on to beat down Sienna. Kim assists Jade with a standing Moonsault; Sienna makes the comeback mounting offense on both competitors. Sienna puts Kim and Jade on the top turnbuckle, follows up with a double Samoan drop.The match picked up towards the end, Kim connected with a top rope hurricanrana to Sienna, Sienna then hit the Ak47 to Jade. Kim hit the eat defeat only for Allie to disrupt the count. Marti Belle comes out of nowhere, attacking Jade, assisting Sienna for the win. I enjoyed the match, but of course, TNA had to ruin it with the screwy finish. **1/4

Winner: Sienna

Borash is backstage with Lashley; he gets rather violent with Borash making him say he will be the new heavyweight champion at the end of the night.

James Storm comes out cuts a promo talking about 14 Slammiversary. That he’s been at all 14, mentions Abyss, himself, and AJ Styles. Storm talks about Orlando; the crowd does an Orlando chant. Storm decides to give Sutter a match.

Match 4: James Storm vs. Braxton Sutter

Storm mounts the majority of the offense early on. Sutter makes a comeback, hitting a power slam for a two count. Sutter followed up with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle. However, Storm hit a codebreaker and finished Sutter off with the Last Call. They shake hands and drink a beer in the center of the ring. I understand Storm is a TNA original, but this match had no business being on the PPV. **

Winner: James Storm

Back to Jb backstage, joined by Eli Drake says there’s no way he’s going to lose. Talks about Bram being dangerous and crazy, and that himself carrying around the title is just a fact of life.

Match 5: Eli Drake vs. Bram for the King of the Mountain title

The contest began with the competitors running around the outside of the ring. They return to the ring; Eli Drake gets knocked out again, he then grabs his title proceeding to walks up the ramp. They brawl outside for some time; Bram Irish whipped Drake into the barricade. They return to the ring; Bram hits the Brighter Side of Suffering, and Drake rolled to the floor. Bram returned to the outside, gets Drake back into the ring. Out of nowhere Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma, which is a simple lariat and picks up the victory. I was not impressed by either of the two, too much fighting on the outside, another unique finish. **

Winner: Eli Drake

JB backstage with Bennet, says he’s the best wrestler in the world. Talks about how he pinned the unpinnable EC3, explains this story will not have a happy ending for Carter.

Match 6: Mike Bennett vs. EC3

The crowd, which had been silent for the majority of the night, began to chant for Carter. The two go back and forth, slaps from Ec3 to Bennett. The crowd is clearly behind EC3, Carter threw Bennett to the outside, beat him down using the guard rail. They continued to brawl on the outside; Bennett hit an elevated DDT to Carter off the guard rail onto the ramp.  As they returned to the ring; Carter went to the top rope only to be caught by Bennett into a cutter. Bennett attempted to win any way possible using low blows; Maria got involved as well. As Hebner is dealing with Maria, Bennett hit the Miracle in Progress, but Carter kicked out. Carter gets up hits the Tk3, followed up with the one-percenter for the win. The crowd was super into this one, overall a solid match. The only problem was EC3 had to hit three one-percenters to finish Bennett. ***

Winner: EC3

Broken Matt Hardy is backstage, cuts a promo says he will DELETE Brother Nero tonight.

Match 7: Broken Matt Hardy vs. Brother Nero in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

It’s that time, the match we had all been anticipating for months. The culmination of a lifelong blood feud between two brothers had finally come to a head, and it would end at Slammiversary. All jokes aside, these two worked their asses off, the match was pretty much an homage to the attitude era. Matt made his way to the ring first, sporting a new entrance theme featuring his piano music. Matt runs up the ramp and attacks him. Jeff recovered then began to beat Matt down with a trashcan. The highlight of the match for me was Matt using a ladder on Jeff and, yelling delete after each hit.

Back in the ring, Jeff extends a huge ladder across the ropes, splashed onto Matt for the near fall. They battle back and forth on the apron, Matt takes out keyboard sets it up and powerbombs Jeff through it. The bump Jeff took onto the keyboard looked awful; I thought for sure he had a concussion. However, Jeff recovered hit a twist of fate on a table followed up with a Swanton onto a second table for the win. Go and watch this match these two put their bodies on the line. ***1/4

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Decay is backstage cuts a promo; Abyss says he’s beautiful, nightmares are real, and the future is Decay.

Match 8: Decay vs. The BroMans for the Tag Titles

This match could not have been more TNA; it was filled with multiple false finishes and interruptions, I lost interest in this one pretty quick. Decay mounted most of the offense early on, continuous tags, each taking turns beating down Robbie E. Godderz gets the hot tag, hits a hurricanrana sending crazy Steve to the outside, Robbie E followed up with a plancha. Rosemary accidentally spits in the face of Abyss causing him to blindly chokeslam Steve. Abyss spits mist in refs face, crazy Steve hits Godderz with the title. Abyss hits Godderz with the Black Hole Slam, powerbombs Steve on top of him for the win. *3/4

Winners: Decay

Galloway backstage cuts a promo says he is no underdog. Continues on says if he tapped out Kurt Angle then he can beat Bobby Lashley.

Match 9: Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley for the TNA title – Win by Knockout or Tapout

Galloway hit a claymore right out of the gate, then attempted to follow up with a kick. As they fought on the outside, Lashley hit a spear. Side note, Pope continued to talk about himself in the third person. Galloway mounted offense of his own, throwing Lashley shoulder first into steps, then hitting the Celtic Cross onto the steel steps.  Lashley is placed on a table; Galloway went for a tope con giro, but Lashley avoided it. Galloway emerged bleeding, head buts Lashley hits him with a tombstone piledriver. Lasley sidesteps yet another claymore attempt, placing Galloway in an arm triangle forcing the ref to stop the match. Lashley is the new champion but the MVP of the night is  Galloway, who has had a huge weekend. ***

Winner: Lashley

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