Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Primer

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Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, formerly known as La Sombra, 26 and son of legendary luchador Brilliante, is a second generation wrestler that built his reputation in CMLL and NJPW. Andrade Almas combines a typical luchador style with certain Japanese traits to form a unique style that has led to success throughout his career. Andrade Almas has earned a multitude of titles in both CMLL and NJPW, having held the Mexican National Trios Championship, NWA Welterweight Championship, the CMLL Tag Team Championships and the IWGP Intercontinental Championship and makes his Takeover debut at The End.

In 2007, Andrade Almas signed for CMLL working initially under the name Brilliante Jr, an homage to his still active father, but soon altered his name to La Sombra whilst keeping the same mask colours as his father. Evidently, CMLL had great faith in the young man. Months into his career, he became known as La Sombra as he teamed with chief tecnico, Mistico (Sin Cara original) for their annual Torneo Grand Alternativa.

A month later, La Sombra experienced his first title success as he won the Trios Championship before defeating Hajime Ohara to become the youngest NWA Welterweight Champion at the mere age of 18.

La Sombra’s first major singles feud came against El Felino, trading victories heading into the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show in which an elimination fatal four way was booked between Mistico, Volador Jr, La Sombra and El Felino.

La Sombra and El Felino were the first two to be eliminated, forcing both men to compete with their masks on the line. La Sombra would gain possession of his first mask as he defeated El Felino.

In 2010, La Sombra would wrestle in Japan for the first time in the Best of Super Juniors tournament. La Sombra picked up victories against Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger on the way to gaining six points, which was not enough to make the finals. In the same year, La Sombra teamed with Mascara Dorada in the Super Jr Tag League in an unsuccessful effort, again being  eliminated in the group stage.

Later in the year, La Sombra would gain his second mask at CMLL’s 77th Anniversary Show. La Sombra would find himself and Olimpico as the final two members of a fourteen man steel cage match in which the loser would be unmasked: the other twelve men escaped leaving La Sombra to pin Olimpico.

On September 2 2011, La Sombra entered CMLL’s annual Universal Championship tournament. La Sombra advanced to the final where he defeated Averno to win the tournament.

In 2012,  following victory over Dragon Rojo Jr, La Sombra would secure the NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship before embarking on a record breaking 953 day run before defeat to Ultimo Guerrero a couple of months ago.

In the next couple of years, La Sombra would win La Copa Junior and Reyes Del Aire tournaments to establish himself as one of the top stars of CMLL. La Sombra would enjoy tag team success with Volador Jr, winning the Torneo Nacional de Parejas Increibles tournament before Volador Jr turned on his partner. The rivalry between La Sombra and Volador Jr culminated in a mask vs mask match at CMLL’s 80th Anniversary Show where La Sombra would claim his third mask.

Following a couple more unsuccessful pursuits in the G1 Climax and the NJPW Cup, La Sombra would taste success in Japan mid 2013. Following defeat to IWGP Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura in Japan, La Sombra won the rematch in Mexico City to become the first Mexican to hold the title.

In 2015, La Sombra formed a partnership with Rush and began working as a rudo. Months later, La Sombra defeated Volador Jr with assistance of Rush and La Máscara to win the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. The Trio were given the moniker of Los Ingobernables before La Sombra lost the title to Volador Jr several weeks later. The faction would expand, incorporating Tetsuya Naito as the year progressed.

At CMLL’s 82nd Anniversary Show, La Sombra would suffer the ignominious fate of being unmasked at the hands of Atlantis: a fate that was mitigated by his good looks, something that will surely stand him in good stead in WWE’s search for a Mexican star.

During his final week in CMLL, La Sombra suffered defeat to his Los Ingobernables stable mate, Rush, in a hastily put together rivalry that developed from La Sombra offering a handshake to his former adversary Volador Jr. Many read this as a clear indication La Sombra was going to sign for WWE and that was confirmed in the following days. Months after signing for WWE, La Sombra was re-named Andrade Cien Almas.

Andrade Almas offers a unique combination of agility, power, charisma and good looks that will translate into success with the WWE if given the right platform. With WWE’s desperation to find a latino star, La Sombra, now Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas has all the attributes to become that man. A debut match against NXT stalwart Tye Dillinger will be the start to what should be a prosperous career for Almas.

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