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  • On ESPN this morning, Brock Lesnar announced that he would be fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in his return to the octagon. In an interview, Lesnar was reluctant to divulge any information regarding plans for his Summerslam match, although he did confirm that he would be wrestling on the show. Lesnar continued, proclaiming that “[my] opponents didn’t beat me, my diverticulitis did” before contesting that he could not live with his decision to quit the sport. Coincidentally, Lesnar will be making “a boatload of money” from this fight and he was clear that it was he that made the call to UFC, not the other way around (Quotes taken from ESPN interview).  Stylistically, this is a risky fight for Lesnar, who makes his first UFC appearance since 2011. Although Hunt has little in the way of nuance, he has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA today.  In a ground breaking move, WWE published a story on their website.
  • This morning, the final round of group matches in NJPW’s BoSJ occurred. In some what of a surprise, Rysuke Taguchi emerged victorious from Block A. Although he finished joint top on ten points with Matt Sydal, Taguchi advances to the final as he defeated Sydal in their earlier tournament match. In Block B, in a less surprising result, Will Ospreay defeated Volador Jr to advance to the final in his debut BoSJ tournament. No gaijin has ever won the BoSJ in their rookie year but the man from Rainham, Essex, who has only been wrestling professional for three years, receives the opportunity to claim that honour against Rysuke Taguchi tomorrow at 10:30 GMT (05:30 EST) on NJPW World.
  •  Elias Samson suffered a fractured ankle whilst competing in Nashville this past weekend. Although Samson had lost the majority of his matches, the injury eliminates one of NXT’s top midcard heels for the foreseeable future.
  • WWE have named a new Vice President, Brand, in Julia Jensen. Formerly of Mattel for 15 years, [Jensen] “was responsible for overseeing global communications across all businesses and driving brand engagement and relevancy for iconic Mattel brands, including Barbie. Jensen also spent time as Mattel’s Vice President of International Communications where she oversaw a team across 34 markets, responsible for executing communications programs supporting Mattel’s businesses and corporate initiatives around the world” (taken from WWE’s). Julia Jensen will answer to Stephanie McMahon.
  • AAA’s Lucha Libre World Cup concluded last night, with Team Lucha Underground USA, composed of Johnny Mundo, Cage and Chavo Guerrero, emerging surprise victors after defeating Team Mexico, composed of Texano, Pentagon Jr & Psycho Clown, in the final. The move has been interpreted as an attempt to rejuvenate US interest in AAA, which has declined with the growth of interest in the US indies, NJPW and British independents.
  • Per various sources, Tommy End, who has gained the reputation of being one of the premier talents on the independent circuit, has signed  for WWE. End is a practitioner of Dutch Kick Boxing and has trained with Team Schreiber in his native Netherlands.
  • PWG posted a tweet that referenced Cody Rhodes’ bucket list he tweeted following his release from WWE. On the list, Rhodes had wrote BOLA, PWG’s annual summer tournament. On PWG’s tweet, the box next to BOLA was ticked.


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