BoSJ Day Nine Review

May 31, 2016

Hiroshima Green Arena

Block A

By @heeltactics316

Day 9 of BOSJ is in the books; each match is becoming more important than the previous as competitors are battling for a spot in the semifinals. Today’s card took place at Hiroshima Green Arena featuring four matches from Block A.

Match 1: BUSHI Def. David Finlay 

Having an impressive showing in his previous contest, Finlay entered this match looking for his second straight victory. Finlay sprinted down the ramp not wanting to wait, drop kicking BUSHI to the outside, then followed up with a plancha. The two continued to brawl on the outside where BUSHI started to take over. BUSHI, one who’s never shy to break the rules used his belt to beat and choke Finlay. The action returned to the ring where both continued to trade offense. Finlay continues to put on stellar performances, being one of the bigger surprises of the tournament. Finlay locked in the stretch muffler, BUSHI just barely got the rope break. The two began trading forearm shots; BUSHI hit the ropes flying into Finlay with a spinning heel kick. BUSHI using his finisher hit the MX for the victory. BUSHI seems to be hitting his stride, making it a second straight win, moving him to 2-3 on the tournament. ***

Match 2: Matt Sydal Def. Rocky Romero 

Romero came into Day 9 coming off of two straight losses, while Sydal has strung together three straight victories. Early on both men jockeying for position attempted various submission maneuvers. Sydal targeted the taped shoulder of Romero, hitting him with vicious knee strikes. There were a few comedy spots worked into the match, which I’m ok with as long as they don’t overdo it. The match went to the outside where Romero exposed the floor removing the padding. Romero hit a sliced bread, using the ring post. Romero went back into the ring, and we got the signature New Japan count out tease. Sydal re-entered where the two traded shots for a bit. Romero took Sydal to the top rope; Sydal fought him off hitting a Frakeinsteiner followed up with a Shooting Sydal Press for the win. These two have great in-ring chemistry, as they should considering the multitude of matches they’ve had together these past few months. Sydal moves to 4-1 on the tournament. Meanwhile, Romero continues to fall in the standings sitting at 2-3. ***1/4

Match 3: KUSHIDA Def. Gedo

Gedo entered this contest looking to get back on track, with his only two points coming on the first night of the tournament. I do not have much to say about this match just another solid match from two great workers. Attempting various arm bars and knee strikes, KUSHIDA focused on the arm of Gedo throughout the bout. Gedo got in his fair share of offense as well, hitting KUSHIDA with a dangerous looking elevated DDT from the apron to the floor. Gedo was full blown heel in this one, using every possible advantage he could to help him win. However it was not enough, Gedo teased the rainmaker, KUSHIDA ducked countering into the hoverboard lock for the submission victory. Despite his abysmal record Gedo, still manages to impress me with his antics. I expect Gedo to be an enhanced jobber for the rest of the tournament. Kushida racked up his third straight win bringing his record to 3-2 and tied for second place. ***

Match 4: Ryusuke Taguchi Def. Kyle O’Reilly

Both O’Reilly and Taguchi came into Day 9 tied for first at 6 points a piece. Taguchi made his grand entrance by sporting a stylish banana hoodie, and I can’t forget to mention he pulled a banana out of his pants before the match started. Right from the onset of the match O’Reilly targeted the arm while Taguchi targeted the leg of O’Reilly. I enjoyed how both men were attempting to set up for their submissions early on in the contest. It was a solid match aside from the overuse of hip attacks, something I should just come to expect from Taguchi. O’Reilly hit the brainbuster for a near fall, following up with the armbar. The end got rather hectic as Taguchi reversed the armbar into a pin attempt for another near fall. They continued to go back and forth until Taguchi locked in the ankle lock for a final time forcing O’Reilly to tap. Taguchi is now 4-1 on the tournament, tied for first with Sydal. ***

Updated Block A Standings:

Ryusuke Taguchi – 8

Matt Sydal – 8

Kyle O’Reilly – 6


Rocky Romero – 4


David Finlay – 2

Gedo – 2

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