BoSJ Day Two (05/22/16)

Kira-Messe Namazu

Shizuoka, Japan

By @heeltactics316

I am happy to be back reviewing the 2nd day of Best of the Super Juniors, which can be viewed right now on NJPW world. Most of the matches ran around 14-16 so if you’re looking to get a quick fix of wrestling this card ran about 45 minutes. The production of this show was lower quality than normal, filmed with one stationary camera, and no commentary. The card featured four matches, all from Block B, showcasing some of the high flyers in this year’s tournament. However, I regret to inform you the card did not have any of New Japans signature mixed tag matches. Sadly we’ll be forced to wait a few more days to watch Chaos fight Los Ingobernables for the tenth time.

Ricochet Def. Tiger Mask

Ricochet, one-half of the Junior Tag Champions, came out first, flipping into the ring which got a huge pop from the crowd. Viewing the first 5 minutes of the match, it’s not hard to see just how over Richochet is. The crowd repeatedly chants his name-even a single dropkick elicits a pop. Tiger Mask added nothing special to the match contributing little to no offense. As far as highlights from this match for Tiger Mask, he got in some kicks and a tornado backbreaker. The match showcased everything that Ricochet has in his arsenal. No surprise here. Ricochet gets the win by submission.

Jushin Thunder Liger Def. Bobby Fish

The newly crowned ROH television champion Bobby Fish is the first to the ring. I love ReDRagon’s theme music. Liger comes out to a massive pop; the crowd is clapping along to his theme, who can blame them-he’s a legend. Fish is up to his usual trash talking antics, one benefit of no commentary is you can hear all the banter going on between the two opponents. Liger uses the Mexican surfboard on Fish. Fish gets out continues to talk trash. Fish begins working on the left leg of Liger, driving his knee into the side of the apron multiple times. We get the usually Liger spots, hitting a Liger bomb for a near fall. Liger goes for a frakensteiner off the top rope but failing to connect due to his injured left knee. Fish applies the Fish hook; Liger is giving it his all to reach the ropes. The crowd is chanting Liger’s name, refusing to tap Liger grabs the ropes. A surprising victory by Liger, getting the pinfall with a little help from the ropes. Liger still got a tremendous pop; this man can do no wrong in the eyes of the fans.

Trent? Def. Volador Jr.

Trent? makes his way to the ring first to the ever so catchy Roppongi Vice theme. Meanwhile, Volador comes out to silence I guess New Japan was not able to overdub a new theme for him. Right from the onset of the match, the crowd seemed to be behind Volador Jr. Volador came to the ring in tearaway pants and his luchador mask. Getting into the action Volador Jr takes a hard fall to the outside, Trent? follows up with a double foot stomp off the apron to the back of his head. Back in the ring Volador removes the tearaway pants and mask which earned him a huge pop from the crowd. Volador goes to the top rope attempts a moon sault but is caught by the legs of Trent?. Trent? followed up with a vicious flying knee to the temple of Volador Jr. The highlights of the match were the Asai Moonsault and top rope frakensteiner by Volador Jr. However, Beretta gets the pinfall via the Dudebuster.

Chase Owens Def. Will Ospreay

Carpe Diem is what Chase Owens hopes to do after being named the replacement for Nick Jackson. Owens makes his way to the ring first in the typical Bullet Club attire. I’m still not sold on him being a Bullet Club member considering he has only accompanied the group a handful of times.  Ospreay, on the other hand, is one of the flashiest wrestlers in the biz today. Ospreay was performing his usual flips, controlling most of the match. It is crazy to think that he is only 22 years old, he has a bright future ahead of him. Ospreay even hits the phenomenal forearm, shades of AJ Styles. Hopefully, WWE chooses to scoop him up before the age of 38.  Owens hit’s Ospreay with a package pile driver standing him on his head before gaining him the pinfall.

Final Word: The second day of BOSJ featured some good matches. I am surprised with the number of upsets but, it is still early on in the tournament. None of the matches were a must see but, I would recommend watching all the tournament matches. With the significant amount of upsets early on I’m curious to see who will make it out of block B.

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